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Strategic Planning

Innovative Thought Leader & Transformation

Working Side-by-Side

The services outlined below include development of and advising the leaders in driving business health, growth, and resilience.Ā 

Whether a project, planning, or facilitation, my style is hands-on, asking questions to extract the best answers, and share from my experience insights and recommendations.

EngagementĀ will include skill share, tools, and mindset needed to lead with confidence and effectiveness. Through a combination of training, coaching, and experiential learning, theseĀ services help leaders to identify strengths and areas for improvement, improve communicate effectively, build high-performing teams, and makeĀ informed decisions.

Business Planning & Strategy Development

A well-crafted business plan is essential for the success of any venture. The business planning services provide a comprehensive approach to developing and refining your business strategies that should be well connected to the day-to-day actions of the team. Iā€™ll work closely with you to understand your vision, ultimate objectives (merge, acquire, transition, exit, grow and go), and goals, and develop a clear roadmap for achieving your goals. Whether you're starting a new business or seeking to grow an existing one, the business planning services can help you achieve your goals and objectives and maximize your chances of success.


Seeking assistance with a key project? I'm here to offer support. When your team encounters challenges beyond their expertise or faces time constraints and political hurdles, I step in to provide hands-on guidance.

Together, let's navigate uncertainties, address critical tasks, and ensure your project receives the attention and success it deserves.

With a dedicated approach and personalized support, I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals efficiently.


Experience the transformative outcomes of inclusive and unbiased facilitation.Ā  By prioritizing every voice and fostering an environment of respect and collaboration, your meetings and retreats will lead to more than just discussions - they will result in impactful and cohesive outcomes. Everyone is not just heard but valued and integrated into the conversation. The integration of diverse perspectives, guided by active listening and constructive dialog, paves the way for innovative ideas to surface.

Lets have a quick chat.

I'm certain our discussion willĀ provide you with a nugget or two that just could make a difference.

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